Solution Based Consultancy
for the Family Business


At the Family Business Consultancy, we offer a personal, sympathetic service that works to find resolution for family businesses dealing with transition issues. Our expert knowledge and experience means we understand the sensitivities and can help you to navigate them successfully.

If you’ve already spotted the elephant on the front you can probably see nothing else now! We, at the FBC are not afraid to open up the real impacting issues and we will identify the elephant in the room! We have a wealth of experience and knowledge to support you explore and confront change and transition, particularly from one generation to the next: to help you to find resolution, and move on.


Our understanding

All family businesses go through periods of transition when big decisions have to be made. These are challenging times, but they are also moments of opportunity – when underlying issues can be resolved and the business and the family can move forward. Most families in business understand the need to act with confidence when things get tough, but because many complex family issues can lie beneath the surface of everyday life, it may be difficult to determine
the best way forward.

Our integrity

The FBC helps you manage transition in turbulent times by investigating the real issues; getting to the heart of what is affecting your business and your family. Over the years we have helped many family businesses moving through a transition to make the difficult decisions necessary to create a foundation for future success. We have worked with the family on personal changes and developments to help them align their personal and business objectives.