How we work

We work collaboratively with you, helping and supporting you through times of difficult transition.

Each engagement is varied and tailored to the unique circumstances of your family and business, with the goal of achieving success as defined by you.

Our work uses a conversational consulting model and is based on hearing each individuals story and giving reflective and actionable feedback. Our work is not prescriptive or judgemental and seeks to ensure every key stakeholder has their voice heard.

Whilst each engagement is varied and tailored, we follow a four stage process to help you to understand what is needed in order to achieve a successful outcome. 


Stage 1 - Gaining an Understanding

During the assessment phase we speak to all the key stakeholders in the business.

We listen and gain an understanding of the current situation.  We do this by focussing on four key areas:

* Individual needs

* Family needs

* Business needs

* Ownership philosophy

Stage 2 - Feedback and Planning

Once we have listened to everyone. We will provide you with feedback on our findings and make suggestions for the areas you may want to address. 

We will help you to find consensus on how best to take the business forward and agree an action plan that will achieve your desired outcomes. 


Stage 3 - Implementation

We will then work with you to implement this action plan.

We are specialists in working with the complexities that exist within a family owned business. 

We use this expertise to guide you, your family and your business through the changes required to implement the action plan.  

Stage 4 - Support

You may require ongoing support.

Often change is required over a long period of time and we are available to support you with this. 

We help to ensure that you retain open dialogue and communication to maintain the momentum required to deliver a positive outcome. 

It’s good to talk!

Contact us to today for an initial consultation at no cost to you. We can have a conversation over the phone or in person and if we can help we will say so, if we can’t help, we will also say so.

Our Experience

Over the years we have helped many family businesses moving through a transition to make the difficult decisions necessary to create a foundation for future success. We have worked closely with business leaders – this usually means the CEO and senior executives – on personal change and development to help them align their personal and business objectives.


“From our initial conversations regarding company succession options .. and introductions and handholding throughout meetings with outside professional advisors …the service, interest and personal involvement have been first class…(the) journey has quite literally been life-changing and has resulted in the last few years being the happiest period of my business life… I would thoroughly recommend the consultancy service.”

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